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What is Endurance?

Endurance is the sport of competitive long distance riding. 

Endurance is governed in England and Wales by Endurance GB, in Scotland by SERC and in Ireland by ILDRA.

Can anyone enjoy Endurance?

Endurance is accessible to all levels of rider, and all breeds of horse. Endurance caters for all abilities. Classes range from Pleasure Rides (of any distance up to 40km) to Competitive Endurance Rides (maximum distance of 160km in one day). You can compete at novice, open and advanced level and compete at any distance. There is no obligation to upgrade, enabling you to continue to compete at the level and distance you want to. 

What happens at a ride?

A brief overview:

  • Prior to the ride you will be sent a ride pack, consisting of a map, route talkaround, venue and ride details, crew card and vet sheet. 
  • On arrival to the ride, you will need to collect your number bib and hand your membership card and horse mastercard into the secretary. You will also need to check with the secretary for any last minute route changes.
  • Before you start the ride you will need to have your horse checked by the farrier, and present to the vet for a pre ride inspection.
  • Once you have passed the pre ride inspection you have 30 minutes to present to the timekeeper and start the ride.
  • You will pass through a number of check points during the ride. You must ensure the check point marshalls have taken your number as you pass through.
  • When you finish the ride, you must collect your time card from the timekeeper.
  • You have 30 minutes from finishing the ride to present to the vet for the final inspection. 
  • Don't forget to return your number bib to the secretary, collect your membership card, horse mastercard and collect your rosette if you successfully passed the vetting. Don't forget to also have your group mileage card signed by the secretary.

What happens at the Vetting?

At all EGB rides you will have to fill in a Vet Sheet. Before the ride you will fill in details such as horse's name, breed etc and the rider's details, and the vet writer will fill in the rest of the sheet at the start, end and if applicable mid-way vettings. 

You should present your horse to the vet in a headcollar or a bridle (your choice, as long as your horse is under control).

There are three main parts to the vetting; taking the pulse, checking for lumps and bumps and the trot up to check for any signs of lameness.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in giving endurance a go, we recommend you take part in a Pleasure Ride first, or take advantage of the Try Before You Buy Scheme which enables you to do two national rides (maximum of 40km) before registering. The Northumberland & Tyneside group can arrange for a ride buddy if you would like some company and guidance for your first ride. Please contact us to arrange.

What is a Logbook 

Every registered horse has its own unique Logbook, which is a record of its competitive endurance career. After each ride, you will receive a copy of the vet sheet, which should be placed in the Logbook. You should take it with you to every ride. It does not need handed in to the secretary before you start, but the organisers may request sight of it.

What is a Mastercard?

Every registered horse also receives a Mastercard. A yellow card is issued for a first season. This should be returned to the national office at the end of your first season, where it will be replaced with a green one. This subsequent card only needs to be returned to the national office when it is nearly full. Every ride a horse takes part in, (successfully or otherwise) is recorded on the Mastercard.

What is a Mileage Card?

A mileage card is issued by your group. You should complete this for each ride you do, and have it signed by each ride secretary. If you ride more than one horse, you will need a separate card for each horse. Mileage cards record both pleasure/training rides and competitive rides. At the end of the season mileage cards need to be sent, together with copy vet sheets to the trophy secretary. You must make sure you complete your mileage card correctly to be eligible for annual group trophies and accumulative distance rosettes.